The Upcoming Show on July – Goldin Performance at Imperial Club Lounge

The Upcoming Show on July Goldin Performance at Imperial Club Lounge

The Upcoming Show on July – Goldin Performance at Imperial Club Lounge


The upcoming show in July and August at the Goldin Performance in the Imperial Club Lounge at Atlantis The Palm is set to be an unforgettable experience. Lisa Goldin, a fearless artist with a passion for touching hearts and lighting up rooms with her music, will be taking the stage on July 31st from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. You can know more about this event at the Dubai Calendar website.


Highlights of Lisa Goldin’s Career


Lisa Goldin has established herself as a talented songwriter, with twelve of her songs being aired internationally on radio and TV. Her achievements include being named Amazon UK’s ‘New and Emerging Artist for 2008’ and having her wardrobe sponsored by the renowned Vivienne Westwood. She has also been featured in Grazia Magazine, Channel 24, and Expresso TV, further cementing her status as a rising star.


Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as the 2nd Top Emerging South African Artist, and her song “My Fire” was listed as the 2nd most played song on Hot 1027 FM in 2016. In 2019, she was acknowledged as the Top Emerging Artist in the UAE. Additionally, her single “Kept In A Locket” reached No. 1 on Heart FM in December 2022. Goldin’s accomplishments speak to her immense talent and growing popularity.


Goldin’s career has taken her to various locations around the world, including the UK, South Africa, and the UAE. She has toured London, Ibiza, Dubai, and Asia, sharing stages with renowned artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Scouting For Girls, and Barbara Tucker. Her international exposure has helped her amass a dedicated fan base across different countries.


Notable accolades further highlight Goldin’s ambition and commitment to her craft. She won Best Band in Beijing and received the “Best Theatrical Performance” award at the Time Out Dubai Nightlife Awards 2013 for her theater production “Kalubela.” She was also nominated as a top ten finalist for Yasalam’s UAE Emerging Talent Competition in 2019 and was a nominee for Best New Homegrown Artist in the UAE in 2022. 


Goldin’s diverse performances include being an EMCEE for the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup 2021 and performing at the UEFA Champions League Final 2022.

Her talent and dedication have been recognized by Dubai Culture and Arts, leading to her being awarded the Honorable Golden Visa in the UAE. Goldin’s efforts to create a difference through her music have not gone unnoticed.


How Can You Enjoy the Performance?


To enjoy the Goldin Performance at the Imperial Club Lounge, book a stay at Atlantis The Palm’s beautiful Ocean or Palm Hotel Rooms. By booking the Imperial Club, you’ll gain daily access to the Imperial Club Lounge and enjoy premium benefits throughout the resort.


One of the highlights of the Imperial Club Lounge is the Sunset Happy Hour. Guests can start their evening with drinks and canapés in the cozy lounge or enjoy the beautiful sunset with the beachside happy hour. The Sunset Happy Hour takes place daily from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, creating the perfect ambiance to relax and enjoy the setting.


So, Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the captivating talent of Lisa Goldin at the Goldin Performance in the Imperial Club Lounge. Her music is sure to touch your heart and leave a lasting impression. And for further details, you can visit the Dubai Calendar website and get the full insights and dates of the performance.


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