MTL diss

MTL diss

MTL diss


Why’d you break it with 50? He ain’t no spare change, why don’t we rearrange so you could spare change

Or maybe we could get through this exchange and currently I’ve won

Currently/currency, you get it? M, don’t run

And if you gonna battle, I don’t wanna hear no puns

Cause I’ve seen you, a clown joking in features, and yet not seen a single punch

M-T-L, Meme Taking Ls, M-T-L, Meme took left

So I’ll punt him to hell, and this cunt I’ll kindly direct

You Mighty_Sold, You_Lost

This that feeling you get when the doc’s feeling your bowel movements and you cough

I swear we can repair this Memez, but all you gotta do

Is lose and drop your feud

And I’ll at least respect you enough to say you did good

MTL Wanted, bounty gives you enough to eat

I got you in my prayers Lord, I’m a record holder Lordz, I know you look up to me

I’ll chase you to Harlem and maybe even up in Queenz

I’ll duplicate you and then cut both body’s apart to see if I can reconnect the seams

and if I can’t, then that’s just a meme dead at the scene

Nothing personal, I’m sorry L, I truly am

And I truly am Unruly

An ant get slammed, canned, damned, and feasted like green eggs and ham

And F for MTL

It’s yours truly

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