Exploring the Best Buffet Restaurants in Edinburgh: A Guide to Indulging in a Variety of Cuisine

Exploring the Best Buffet Restaurants in Edinburgh: A Guide to Indulging in a Variety of Cuisine


Are you a foodie who loves to sample different cuisines without having to choose just one? If so, then buffet restaurants are the perfect dining option for you! Edinburgh, the vibrant capital city of Scotland, is not only famous for its breathtaking historical sites and enchanting landscapes but also for its diverse and delectable food scene. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best buffet in UK, where you can indulge in a variety of cuisines and experience a culinary journey like no other!

1. The Khukuri Restaurant:

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, The Khukuri Restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts who crave an authentic taste of Nepal and Indian cuisine. The buffet spread here boasts a generous selection of curries, tandooris, and traditional Nepalese specialties. From succulent kebabs to aromatic biryanis, this restaurant offers a truly indulgent experience for buffet lovers. Satisfy your cravings while enjoying the warm and welcoming ambiance that transports you to the flavors of the East.


Situated on Castle Street, COSMO is a popular buffet restaurant that takes you on a global culinary journey. With a wide range of dishes from various cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and more, COSMO offers an all-you-can-eat extravaganza with something for every palate. From freshly made sushi to fiery Indian curries, from tender steaks to mouthwatering desserts, this restaurant ensures you’re spoilt for choice. Perfect for families and groups with different tastes, COSMO promises to satisfy even the most discerning buffet connoisseur.

3. Jimmy Chung’s:

For fans of Chinese cuisine, Jimmy Chung’s is a must-visit buffet restaurant in Edinburgh. Located on Waverley Bridge, this restaurant offers an expansive buffet spread featuring an array of Chinese dishes, from classic sweet and sour pork to delicious dim sum. The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with the irresistible flavors of Chinese cuisine, makes Jimmy Chung’s an excellent choice for a satisfying and affordable buffet experience.

4. Mintleaf Indian Restaurant & Brasserie:

Featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary Indian flavors, Mintleaf Indian Restaurant & Brasserie offers an exquisite buffet experience. Located on Bernard Street, this restaurant serves an extensive selection of curries, succulent grills, and delectable street food, showcasing the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. The buffet spread here is known for its aromatic spices and vibrant flavors, providing a true gastronomic adventure for those seeking an authentic Indian culinary experience.

5. Spoon:

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, Spoon offers a unique and contemporary take on buffet dining. This cozy restaurant prides itself on serving a variety of dishes created using locally sourced seasonal ingredients. The buffet at Spoon features an ever-changing selection of vibrant salads, hearty mains, and mouthwatering desserts. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, Spoon guarantees a memorable dining experience that celebrates the best of Scotland’s produce.

In conclusion, Edinburgh is not just a city of historical wonders, but also a mecca for buffet enthusiasts. With its diverse culinary landscape, the city offers a plethora of buffet restaurants that cater to all tastes and preferences. From the fiery flavors of Indian cuisine at The Khukuri Restaurant to the cosmopolitan spread at COSMO, and from the authentic Chinese dishes at Jimmy Chung’s to the contemporary delights at Spoon, Edinburgh’s buffet scene will leave you spoiled for choice. So next time you visit this magnificent Scottish city, make sure to embark on a culinary adventure by exploring these best buffet Edinburgh has to offer. Indulge yourself and satisfy your food cravings without limitation – buffet style!


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