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DOCKER hub – install open jdk docker pull openjdk

C:\Users\barol>docker –v

C:\Users\barol>docker images

C:\Users\barol>docker PS

C:\Users\barol>docker pull openjdk

C:\Users\barol> docker image

C:\Users\barol>docker images

C:\Users\barol>docker run –name JAVA -it -d openjdk

C:\Users\barol>docker ps

C:\Users\barol>docker exec -it JAVA jshell

jshell> System.out.println(“hello docker”);

jshell> int a=10;

jshell> int b=20;

jshell> System.out.println(a+b);


// part b – folder name in desktop

download docker

download node.js

vs code


open cmd

docker –version

install extension in vs code docker&nodejs

create a docker file with docker name

create node js file with avishkar.js





FROM node:alpine

COPY . /partb

CMD node /partb/avishkar.js

//open terminal in vs code

docker –version

node avishkar.js

docker build -t partb .

docker images


if doesn’t open docker

windows features – windows hypervisor platform

open windows powershell as an administrator

type command : dism.exe

download the ESL2

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