Revolutionising Treasury and Liquidity Management: iGCB’s Innovative Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of banking and finance, India-based Intellect Global Consumer Banking (iGCB) stands out with its transformative products, namely Capital Cube, a treasury management system, and Intellect Quantum Central Banking. These solutions, designed for global Tier 1 banks, national central banks, and larger regional players, redefine the way financial institutions approach treasury and liquidity management.

Treasury Management with Capital Cube 

At the heart of iGCB’s offerings is Capital Cube, a treasury management system. Tailored for banks and financial services companies, this cross-asset front-mid-back-office system empowers organisations with rich functionalities to monitor and optimise liquidity and interest rate exposure across future time horizons. Capital Cube brings a multitude of benefits to its users, including:

  • Identifying Liquidity Gaps: 

The system aids in pinpointing potential liquidity gaps, enabling optimal management of assets and liabilities.

  • Market Navigation: 

In the face of unpredictable market situations, Capital Cube supports banks by providing tools for effective navigation.

  • Automation and Cost Reduction: 

By automating treasury processes, the system significantly reduces operational costs, idle time, and ensures compliance.

  • Improved Financial Ratios: 

Capital Cube contributes to enhancing Tier 1 and CAR ratios, bolstering financial stability.

  • Risk Assessment: 

The system conducts sensitivity, stress, and shock tests, providing a comprehensive risk assessment for informed decision-making.


Intellect Quantum Central Banking

Complementing Capital Cube is Intellect Quantum Central Banking, a comprehensive reserve portfolio management solution tailored for central banks. This solution simplifies foreign exchange reserve management through real-time analytics and facilitates investments in complex derivatives and structured products. The benefits of Intellect Quantum Central Banking include:


  • Data-Driven Decisions: 

Central banks can make faster, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics at their disposal.

  • Streamlined Reserve Management:

The solution streamlines foreign exchange reserve management, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Diversified Investments: 

Intellect Quantum Central Banking enables central banks to invest in complex derivatives and structured products, thereby diversifying their investment portfolios.

  • Enhanced Liquidity Management Solution

This contributes to an improved liquidity management solution, a critical aspect for central banks.

iGCB India’s Impact on the Banking Industry

By automating treasury processes and offering robust control frameworks with pre-defined limits, risk metrics, and analytics for automated compliance, iGCB India significantly reduces costs for banks. The impact is evident in the successful implementation of these solutions in banks such as Bank of Baroda, where iGCB’s capabilities opened up a range of working capital opportunities through a digital supply chain finance solution.

In conclusion, iGCB’s Capital Cube treasury management system and Intellect Quantum Central Banking are catalysts in revolutionising treasury and liquidity management. By offering innovative solutions that streamline processes, optimize liquidity, and enable data-driven decision-making, iGCB India is at the forefront of helping banks adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing banking industry. As financial institutions continue to face challenges, iGCB India’s products emerge as indispensable tools for navigating the complexities of modern finance.

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