Calcium Propionate Exporters in India: Bulk Quantity Needs Served Well

Calcium Propionate Exporters in India: Bulk Quantity Needs Served Well

Calcium Propionate Exporters in India: Bulk Quantity Needs Served Well


Calcium Propionate Exporters India serves the demands of Calcium propionate well. You can easily place your order online and get the faster delivery.

Calcium propionate is a common food additive present in several foods, particularly baked goods. It works as a special preservative to extend shelf life by interfering with the expansion and reproduction of microorganisms. However, it has special benefits for food manufacturers; you may wonder whether calcium propionate is safe to eat.

Calcium propionate, having the molecular formula C6H10CaO4, is a naturally occurring organic salt made by a reaction between propionic acid and calcium hydroxide. It assists in preserving food by interfering with the capacity of microorganisms, i.e. bacteria and moulds, to reproduce. It’s normally used as a food additive, called E282, to assist in keeping different foods.

Calcium Propionate Exporters in India

If you are engaged in the business of food products, you need calcium propionate in bulk quantities. There are lots of exporters in India who are serving the needs of the customers. They are accepting bulk orders from customers for any quantity required.

This White powder, or granules, serves to mitigate costly problems in the baking industry. It can be mould or bacterial growth. Simply working as a food additive, it is used to extend the shelf life of different goods in a wide variety of products. It is not restricted to bread and other baked goods but is also used for meat, whey, and other dairy products.

Process of making and packaging

Raw Stuff: The main raw materials for making calcium propionate are calcium hydroxide and propionic acid.

Reaction: Calcium hydroxide and Propionic acid can be mixed in a reaction vessel. The reaction between propionic acid and calcium hydroxide creates calcium propionate and water.

Purification: Once the process of the reaction gets complete, it results in purification to take out any impurities within the products. The process even comprises filtration, distillation, or additional purification techniques.

Drying and Grinding: after finishing the purifying process, the calcium propionate is then dried to take out any sort of remaining moisture. It is commonly dried to a particular moisture content to ensure stability and ease of management. After drying, the calcium propionate can be finely ground into a powder for additional packaging or processing.

Packaging: The end step includes packaging the calcium propionate into appropriate containers. It also includes drums, bags, or bulk containers, according to the planned use and buyer needs. The exporters also accept customized orders from the side of the customers.

How do I find reliable Calcium Propionate manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India?

Are you searching for calcium propionate exporters in India? It is recommended to perform an online search or look into the information shared in the business directories, trade portals, or industry-based platforms that list suppliers and exporters. Such resources can give you real details on firms related to the export of calcium propionate from India. It is extremely easy to place your order online and get faster delivery.

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