LLB Course Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Study Law?

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If any of you want to become a lawyer and want to know about LLB degree, then definitely read this article completely.

In this article, how much is the fee for LLB? How much is the fees of LLB in Government college? How much is the fees of LLB in private college? I will tell about it.



If you have decided in 12th class itself that you want to make a career in the field of law, then with time you will have to give LLB entrance test as soon as you pass 12th best.

At this time, 5 year LLB program will be a very good option for you because in comparison to 3 year LLB, you will take 1 year less time in 5 year LLB and also you will be able to do BA.

People whose ability to make quick decisions is very good, who can do extra work easily, whose communication and presentation skills are good? LLB is a very good option for them.

Students want to become a lawyer and want to do LLB course, they always have in their mind how much is the fee of LLB course, today in answer to this question, tell you in detail.

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What is the fees of LLB course?

The admission fee of LLB is Rs 3.85 lakhs according to the 5 year course, if the same LLB course is of 3 years then its total fee is Rs 203500.
LLB course fees also depend on your college. If you are studying in a government college, then your fees will be less and if you are studying in a private college, the fees will be much higher than the government college.
LLB course fees in government college ranges from ₹ 100000 to ₹ 200000 while LLB course fees in private colleges can range from ₹ 300000 to ₹ 600000.
Private college fees are double or more than that of government colleges.

What is the fees of LLB in government college?

The LLB course that you do is divided into semesters means 2 semesters in 1 year and you have to pay the fees semester wise.
If you are doing LLB course from government college then your fee also seems to be between 12000 to 15000 semester wise which is very less as compared to private college.
If you talk to government college for the whole year, then you have to pay 30000 to 35000 as LLB course fees.

Do LLB after 12th or after graduation?

Some want to do engineering after 12th, some want to do medicine after 12th, those who want to do whatever they want in that field, then if you are interested in the field of law, then you can do LLB degree after 12th.
LLB stands for Bachelor of Law. If you have passed 12th from any subject and you want to do llb course.
So first of all you have to give an llb entrance exam for this, after selection in the entrance exam, according to that married you are selected in government or private college.
If you have already made up your mind after 12th that I want to do LLB only. So you can do LLB course of 5 years. In which you can do BA along with LLB course.
In which you save 1 year, but if you want to do LLB after graduation, you can still do LLB course which is of 3 years.

Important Note

If you do LLB course after graduation, then you have a loss of 1 year because you have done graduation for 3 years, after that you have done LLB course for 3 years, then it takes you 6 years and if you are a student, then your For one is very precious at this time, that’s why whatever you do, do it after thinking.

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