India Industrial Valves Market: Market Share Analysis and Forecast until 2032

India Industrial Valves Market Overview:

The India Industrial Valves Market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, driven by expanding industrial infrastructure and the increasing demand for efficient flow control systems across various sectors. Industrial valves play a crucial role in regulating, controlling, and directing the flow of liquids, gases, and slurries within pipelines and process systems. These valves find extensive applications in industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, power generation, chemical processing, and manufacturing.

India industrial valves market is a significant contributor to the global industry, driven by the region’s strong manufacturing base, stringent environmental regulations, and focus on energy efficiency. Countries like Germany, Italy, and France lead the market, producing a wide range of valves for various industrial applications. Factors such as increasing demand from sectors like oil & gas, water & wastewater, and chemical processing, along with investments in renewable energy projects, support market growth in India .

India Industrial Valves Market Dynamics:

India industrial valves market benefits from the country’s rich manufacturing heritage, technological expertise, and focus on precision engineering. Italian valve manufacturers produce a wide range of valves for applications in industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, water & wastewater, and pharmaceuticals. With a reputation for quality and innovation, Italian valve manufacturers play a significant role in the global industrial valves market. Factors such as increasing investments in infrastructure projects, growing demand for energy-efficient solutions, and expansion into emerging markets contribute to market growth in India .

The India Industrial Valves Market is highly competitive, with key players such as Emerson Electric Co., Flowserve Corporation, Cameron International Corporation, and IMI plc, among others, dominating the industry. These companies command significant market share due to their extensive product portfolios, technological expertise, and global presence. Market share dynamics are influenced by factors such as product innovation, pricing strategies, distribution networks, and customer relationships.


Several factors are driving the growth of the India Industrial Valves Market, including increasing investments in infrastructure development projects, stringent government regulations pertaining to industrial safety and environmental protection, and the rising adoption of automation technologies in industrial processes. Moreover, the growing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability is fueling the demand for advanced valve solutions designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

India Industrial Valves Market Key Players:

The key players profiled in the India Industrial Valves Market research report are

 Emerson (US), Schlumberger Limited (US), IMI PLC (US), Flowserve Corporation (US), Weir Group (India ), Crane Co. (US), AVK Holding A/S (Denmark), Kitz Corporation (India ), Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (China), and Contrack Industries Inc. (US). The major players constantly focus on growth strategies such as partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and product launches to enhance their product offerings and expand their market reach. The other prominent players in the in the industrial valve market are Samson AG (India ), Velan Inc. (Canada), Forbes Marshall (India), Dwyer Instruments, Inc. (US), Avcon Controls (India), Dwyer Instruments (US), PR Valves LLC (US), and Danfoss A/S (Nordborg).

India Industrial Valves Market Segmentations:

Based on type, material, size, and end-user verticals, the industrial valve market has been segmented globally.

Based on the Type

The market has been segmented into plug valves, globe valves, gate valves, pinch valves, check valves, butterfly valves, and ball valves on a global scale depending on type. Plug valves currently hold the biggest market share in the type dividend due to rising demand from chemical firms, particularly in the India an and India regions.

Based on the Material

Depending on the kind of material, the market has been segmented into cryogenic, alloy-based, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and many more categories.Due to rising demand for the valves built from this material in the chemical and oil and gas industries, cryogenic material currently holds the biggest market share in the material dividend.

Depending on Size

According to size, the market has been segmented into five categories around the world: 25 to 50, 1 to 25, less than 1, 50, and over 50.

In accordance with the end-user verticals
The market has been segmented into the construction industry, pulp and paper industry, water and wastewater treatment industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, energy & power industry, oil & gas sector, and others based on end-user verticals. The oil and gas sector holds the biggest market share in the end-user vertical dividend due to increasing investment in this industry by the India and African region.

India Industrial Valves Market Key Highlights:

Key highlights of the Industrial Valves Market include the growing adoption of smart valve technologies enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and digitalization, which allow for remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and real-time data analytics. Additionally, the emergence of modular valve designs and the integration of advanced materials and coatings are enhancing valve performance, reliability, and lifespan. Furthermore, the shift towards decentralized energy systems and the expansion of renewable energy sources are creating new opportunities for valve manufacturers in emerging markets.

India Industrial Valves Market Developments

In November 2023, Emerson launched the new ASCOTM Series 327C solenoid valve which boasts a greater flow-to-power ratio over comparable valves thanks to its direct-acting, high-flow design. The Series 327C design is perfect for usage in power plants, refineries, and chemical processing facilities because of its balanced poppet construction, which allows for high flows at low power levels.

In March 2023, SLB and Newmans Valve collaborated in North and South America to improve consumer access to NEWCO globe, gate, and check valves. With an emphasis on providing these valves for projects and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) in a reasonable manner, Newmans will oversee the marketing, quoting, customer support, and order fulfilment for NEWCO valves. Western Hemisphere clients will profit from Newmans Valve’s dedicated stocking inventory and laser-like attention to the NEWCO valve market.

In February 2022, Schlumberger announced the opening of its newest manufacturing facility at King Salman Energy Park (SPARK), contributing to the economic growth initiative of Saudi Aramco’s at-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program. The facility, which will serve Schlumberger’s midstream and downstream markets in the Kingdom and its surrounding nations, is the first of its sort in Saudi Arabia. The facility will produce Cameron isolation valve technology, such as ORBIT rising stem ball valves and GROVE valves, to aid in enhancing the effectiveness of the area’s oil and gas activities.

Regional Analysis:

Geographically, the India Industrial Valves Market is segmented into India , India , Asia Pacific, India , and the India and Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the market, driven by rapid industrialization, urbanization, and infrastructure development in countries such as China, India, and Southeast Asian nations. India and India are also significant markets, supported by ongoing investments in energy infrastructure upgrades and industrial automation initiatives. Meanwhile, India and the India and Africa regions are witnessing steady growth, fueled by increasing oil and gas exploration and production activities, as well as infrastructure development projects in sectors such as water and wastewater management. 

The industrial valve market in India has the largest market share in 2017 and is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR during the projected period. The rapid rate of industrialization, ongoing infrastructure development, and rising investments in end-use sectors including energy & electricity, oil & gas, water & wastewater treatment, chemicals, and construction are all contributing factors to the market growth in this area. Additionally, the India and Africa (MEA), an area that produces oil, is anticipated to continue to have strong demand owing to the rise in production.

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